It's that time of year again, the bunnies have all been born, the chocolate eggs have been eaten (in abundance). We may even have our summer holiday planned. But what about the house? That book you read, about folding all your knickers Japannesse style? The big house clean you promised yourself? Well if the spring tidying joy hasn't been sparked yet, we're here with some top incentives (cleaning deserves rewards you know!) to get your home looking tip top this spring, and all for under £100. ​


1. White Geo Lamp


This beautiful minimalist, white terracotta lamp & shade will brighten up your bedroom or living room this spring and will create cosy lighting into Autumn and beyond. 


Deco Ceramic cactus £32Deco ceramic cacti £32Cactus cushion £35

A trend you would have to of been stranded in the desert to have missed. These whimsical little homewares are an easy and fun way to add a current trend and great colours to the home. Prices starting from just £7


3. Cushions 
Looking for a quick and easy colour update? Our beautiful linen and cotton velvet cushions are a fabulous and reasonable way to bring your sofa back to life. Prices range from £20-£30



Nothing smells as sweet as home. Now the Winter months have gone and the hygge trend seems to be behind us. It's time to blow out the candles and scent your home in a slower more relaxed summer vibe way, with our Parkminster diffusers at just £18. Our favourite is cucumber and mint. 


From £18

The spring tidy up might not seem so daunting if there was somewhere to put everything! We have fabulous decorative storage Jars to hide away all those bits and bobs. Prices starting from just £18



Small convex mirror £85 

Mirrors are a wonderful way to add space and light to a room. 
Our fantastic black and gold convex mirrors a dramatic way to do this. They look great alone or work wonderfully as a set. 


Coffee table books from £10

We are selling a wide range of great coffee table books. A Beautiful made book sitting on the coffee table is a decorative piece to interact with. Check out our selection in store on a wide range of subjects. 


Canvas wall art £39.99

We all know Art is expensive and filling the empty walls of a home stylishly can quickly drain funds. At the same time wall art is a great way to add colour and bring focus to a room. These fantastic Entomology canvas wall chats, are a fun way to add something pretty and different to any space, (plus we think they make us look smart, isn't that what arts meant to do?) particularly those little corners or entrance ways that can just end out looking blank. It's cleaver price tag £39.99 makes it's a no brainer. 



Wire and wicker baskets £20

Little touches make all the difference and nice displays can change the functional into to the fantastic. Try these wicker baskets in the bathroom for storing products of hand towels, mail storage buy the front door or piled with fruit on the kitchen table. 


Beautiful sandstone mug £12-£14

After all that spring cleaning you're going to need a good cup of tea and what is better to drink it out of than our beautiful sandstone mugs. We've always said it's better to buy one great thing than lots of average things. These handmade Sandstone mugs are sold in singles, and come in two different sizes so you can build up to buying the set. 



 So good luck with the sparking of spring cleaning joy. As always we love to hear your comments and ideas, and if you want to hear some of ours please sign up to our Newsletter.

Darling and Gold X