Hey chatsworth readers and beyond. 
We love nothing more than a good read in the sunshine. I never like my holiday reading to get too heavy, possibly because I spend a lot of time running after a toddler. So easy reads that I can dip in and out of but I can still find inspiring, fun, can get me planning projects and things to do with the family are a perfect solution. These are books you'll be going back to and will make great editions on the coffee table, once your done. They're upbeat and will keep you entertained and inspired, while sitting in the park or on the beach basking in the sunshine this summer. 
The wonderful Simple Matters by Erin Boyle about living with less ending up with more, a fabulous slow introduction to minimalism and how to effectively love all that you own. It's not about throwing away everything you already have, Boyle simply takes you through her journey and the ways in which she effectually lives with a family in her small one bedroom manhattan apartment, it's not preachy, just informative about the simple ways we can live better. 
Like the sound of this but feel you are too far from minimalism, another great read especially for any city mums out there is also from a New York blogger. Hey Natalie Jean by Natalie Jean is full of parenting ideas and ways to easily update the home and tidy a house in twenty minutes. This is one super cool chick. The book is heart felt and connected, partially in the way in which she talks about her marriage and some of the problems she has faced. A fun easy read from a real woman. 
Everything I want to eat by Jessica Koslow, owner and chef at Sqirl where they que out the door for Koslows true and seasonal cooking. So if you are look at getting uber cool in the kitchen this summer, this could be the book for you. Great ways to update your brunch repertoire and beautiful photography to boot. 
Sarah Lovoine Chez Moi. Paris based interior designer Lavoine will have your house up to chic Parisian cool in no time, with easy to follow and inspirational decorating tips. Plus a lovely travel section and where to find the best buys. Great for those organising and redecorating a home or anyone planning a city break to paris this summer. 
We all love a bit of a bad girl, but if you feel the gaps in your bad girl knowledge could use a little repair Bad girls throughout history is the book for you. Beautifully illustrated pages about women who've changed history and have been bad in the best sense of the word pirates, daredevils, activists and spies. This book is a great read or would make a fabulous present to your baddest friend!
If these still aren't up to scratch for you why not engage you inner child and get those colouring pencils out. With the affectively and honestly titled Fucking Awesome colouring book. Hours of fun and relaxation colouring in this comical pages which are detachable, so your abusive colouring can decorate your home or parents fridges once 
All available online and in store at darling and gold.