Hey, Chatsworth's roaders and beyond. 
When I was nineteen I went on a girls holiday to Spain, first to a festival in Barcelona, we then took the train to a festival in Benicassim. I still get a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think of how I met them at the airport and there stood my friend Gemma with a bright pink suitcase, the size of a studio apartment. She dragged it round for the whole ten day trip from hostels to trains to campsites to airports and back again Effing and blinding in 35-degree heat with only herself to blame. She complained she had nothing to wear all holiday, and cried that she missed her boyfriend, the latter had nothing to do with the suitcase, but I'm pretty sure it didn't help. So that holiday taught me a few things, you must never drink anything where the two main or only ingredients are vodka and skittles, try whenever possible to avoid silver-tongued Scottish DJs (Trouble) and NEVER do a Gemma. 
So this summer festival season we're gonna pack like girl scout ninjas (fashion wise this should be a festival look in itself). So here is some inspiration on looking good, being prepared and travelling light. 

Two main rules for packing

Wear it
In every sense, If you're not going to wear it don't take it. Have the decision making and the fashion show done in your own home before you go, it's far easier than in a two man tent in a soggy field in the countryside.
Wear it there - if it's heavy, bigger boots/jacket/jeans wear it there, the bag is for the lighter smaller items. 
Roll with it
You are going to roll everything that you can it means more space and less creasing, heavy things at the bottom of the bag.

Necessary items

The Bag - Backpack, the only way, no other choice. No pink suitcases please!
Tights - These are great, under cut of denim shorts or a short skirt they create an extra layer if it suddenly turns cold and are small enough to fit in a handbag. 
Jumper - A light but cosy jumper to keep you warm when the weather changes or to sleep in. Our favourite are these from Another label.
another label jumper  
Something great - It's a party after all. Show people that you're celebrating with a little sparkle. There's always room for sparkle!
Nafeeza Pants
Vest tops - They always look good, they're small, light when packing and you can layer them. We love this sexy leopard print number from new brand Rue de Femme. For the simple cotton kind, the Swedish brand Bread and Boxers are the only way to go. 
Strong jeans - Good denim never lets you down. Your high-quality Japanese Denim is built to withstand the wear and the mud will just wash off. Good denim isn't going to stretch and loose it 's look after one day either, so don't be scared about taking your pricier jeans. 
Livid jeans/FB
Boyfriend shirt - create and an extra layer and you can wrap it around your waist when you're not using it. 
Tiny handbag - For your money, phone and valuables the rest can stay in the tent. It's light and easy to dance with. The plunder bag from status Anxiety is perfect for the job. 
Status Anxiety/FB
Accessories - layer the jewellery the more the merrier it's fun and takes up no space.
Rachel Jackson/Website
Sunnies - You need the UV protection and want to look great but a muddy field in Cornwall is possibly not the place for your £300 Channel sunnies. So buy something stylish but mid range in price. 
Mr Boho/FB
Lighter shoes - Wellies are normally a must but a change of shoe or for festivals abroad you may require some lighter footwear. 
Makeup and toiletries the bear essentials you need for makeup and a pot of glitter (always glitter). Toiletries - minimise everything in travel pots, at the end of four days they are finished so you just dispose of them at the site. making your escape lighter. 
The most important thing- Is to have fun and never cry over a boyfriend - He'll still be there when you get home!