Let’s start with an Idiom and jump in feet first. What do you write about in a first blog post? Anything, I suppose that’s the sort of premise of a lifestyle blog. So perhaps I’ll start with an idea of what’s to come. Which at the moment, not knowing the next line I’m going to write seems presumptuous of me, but If, you know me and my shop on Chatsworth Road you’ll know anything is possible. So as always i'm hoping for the best. We started almost a year ago with no money, limited time but bags of enthusiasm to bring our idea of lifestyle to the east end, London, England, possibly the world? Without trying to sound too much like an evil-bad-guy takeover.

Scandinavian style and aesthetic but with a strong English twist (what a cocktail). We actually stock brands from all over the world now, As well as Mid-century Danish and Danish style furniture. We’re in an old pie and mash shop where we’ve tried to keep as many as the original features as possible, including our beautiful glass ceiling, which dates from around 1920, and as a female business owner and third generation antique dealer is the type I’m more than comfortable with.  

The last year has been a fantastic one, we’ve grown, learnt fast and changed quickly with the help of all our great and enthusiastic customers. We believe in the good stuff, the best stuff, that when you buy you should by right, better, differently, stylishly and above all with Fun. But it’s not just stuff, it’s life that were about too (lifestyle - clues in the title) so our website will not only be a platform where you can buy and look but where we’ll tell you about the good stuff, recipes, events, products, homewares, new brands, interiors, stories, interviews, decorating tips, and all the things that we think could just make you live a bit better, happier, and with a bit more fun along the way. 

So lets get this fun started… 

Holly. X